Everest Base Camp Trek – Famous Trekking Tour In Nepal

Nepal is one of the famous destinations for peak climbing and trekking. The people who are planning for the trekking tour Nepal is the perfect place. Many people around the world visit Nepal to get the adventure experience. These days, most of the travel companies are offering the trekking tour to the customers. They offer different Nepal tour packages at the lower price. You can choose an affordable Nepal tour and enjoy the vacation with the family.

The right time to travel to Mount Everest trek tour

Traveling to the Mount Everest has it’s off or on -peak seasons. Most of the tourists visit the Mt. Everest tour in the month of April, June, September, May, October, and November.

It is the perfect destination to trek in the Himalayan Mountain. During the rainy season, it is little snow and rain so it affects the trek route. You can choose the best season to enjoy trekking in the Mount Everest.

Highlights of Everest base camp trekking

• It is best trekking tour in Nepal that offers a lifetime opportunity to the travelers

• The Everest base camp trek tour allows you to explore the snow-capped peak, Forest, mountain village, River, waterfalls, and others.

• This trekking tour provides you the best experience of trekking in highest mountain in the world.

• The travelers will be trekking in challenging treks such as Everest base camp, Kala Pattar, Nangkartshang peak and others.

• You can learn the culture about the Katmandu people

• You can visit the School in the Khumjung mountain village.

Annapurna base camp trekking tour

The Annapurna base camp trek is one of the amazing walks in the Himalayan Mountain. It is the 10th biggest mountain on the earth. It is 4130 meters height that offer the best experience to the travelers. You can reach the Annapurna base camp through the mount machapuchhre. It is perfect trek tour for both the solo and group trekking. You can hire the trekking guide for this tour.


In the trekking tour, you can see the animals, birds, plants, and mammals. You should pack the essential items in the trekking tour such as wet clothes, medicines, water bottle, camera batteries, waterproof jacket, innerwear, gloves and much more. You can enjoy the vacation with the loved one and create a memorable moment. You should bring the trekking equipment for the trip that helps you complete the tour faster and successful.



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